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In the last decade, I have specified and implemented an unusual programming language that fits my personal taste.

I am currently revising the language in order to publish the source code, so some details will change.

There is a Tutorial (also as PDF) and a Language Description (also as PDF), plus a simple TUF-PL playground to test small programs online (including more elaborate examples not in the tutorial).

TUF-PL is a precompiler for the C programming language, thus it is fairly easy to port the compiler — written in TUF-PL — to most computers.

The differences and highlights are:

  • Block structuring by indentation, like in Python; line oriented
  • No keywords in the core language, only symbols and bigraphs
  • Function definition and calls by word sequences with interspersed parameters, often no parenthesis needed
  • Integer and string addressed dynamic rows and arrays
  • Arbitrary precision integer numbers and rational numbers
  • Dynamic UTF strings
  • Fields for extra data in rows and arrays
  • Attributes for information about an item (object)
  • Fault items for reliable error handling
  • Discretionary type system specified, but not yet tested

The source code for the compiler, runtime system and library will be available as open source, if there is sufficient interest in it.

If you have comments or questions, write to or try a chat with (XMPP).

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