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References und Links

Following references and links are a subjective selection:

Dorothy Stein: Ada: a life and legacy.
The MIT Press, Cambridge MA und London, 1985. ISBN 0-262-19242-X.

Betty Alexandra Toole: Ada, the Enchantress of Numbers, Prophet of the Computer Age.
Strawberry Press, 1992, ISBN 0-912-64718-3.

Sydney Padua: The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage.
Pantheon Books, New York 2015
See (incl. large collection of documents of that period).
She created a 3D-Model and explains it in a video:

F. L. Menabrea: Sketch of the Analytical Engine invented by Charles Babbage.
Scientific Memoirs Vol. III, p.666-732, Taylor, London 1843. (Translation of the French original with extensive new notes by A.A.L).
A facsimile scan is available at; I made a better readable version without background: menabrea_lovelace1843_analyticalengine.pdf.

Martin Campbell-Kelly (Ed.): The Works of Charles Babbage. Vol. 3: The Analytical Engine and mechanical notation.
Pickering Londong, 1989. ISBN 1 85196 503 3. (contains a carefully edited reprint of the Sketch)

John Walker has since years provided much material online:

In December 2015, a conference in Oxford (England) gave several new insights on Ada Lovelace; most of the contributions are still available as videos:

John Graham-Cumming has established the Plan 28 Blog where the progress in understanding the machine is reported.

Based upon the Java-Version, there is a simulator for the Analytical Engine, of course programmed in ADA:

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