Running TUFPL programs online

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A short Tutorial, descriptions of the TUF Programming Language, and its Standard library plus the Release notes all open in an new tab.

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Welcome to this preliminary site to run small programs in the TUF programming language online.

With the RUN button, the program text is compiled and, if without compile time errors, run against a set of parameters with standard input, both editable before submission.

With the REPLACE button you can replace your input by a sample program, clear parameters and standard input, and compile and run the sample with empty standard input and parameters.

The submitted data is transmitted to the server, used to run the program, and then deleted. It is lost once the browser window is closed.

The CPU time is limited to 10 seconds. Beware to create excessive output; it is collected on site and transmittend when you program terminates, which may take some time.

Because you cannot use the tab key for indentation, all sample programs use two spaces, and you may prefer to edit the program text in an external editor and paste it into the input area. Sorry that advanced editing for the textarea has not yet been established; you are currently a pioneer for this site.

Compile errors will show the line and the line number; the latter is -- as this is a simple solution -- not shown in the program area. But you may search for the line using CTRL-F. Some errors are not detected by the TUF-PL (pre-) compiler and show error messages from the C-compiler that are hard to understand; sorry. You might want to ask me for help.

Legal conditions of use

If you do not understand the texts, or if you do not accept the way it is managed, please leave the site.

Anything you enter by submitting the form is temporarily saved on the server under a random id; your IP address is logged for administration and maintenance only. No cookies or third party services are used. The data is not used for any other purpose and deleted immediately after use; there is no means to recover any of your submitted programs.
You should not at all enter personal data; there is no guarantee that it cannot be leaked. You must not enter illegal or offending contents, it may be deleted at any time at the discretion of the administrator; and your IP may be locked out.

This site is for evaluation of the TUF-PL programming language only. There is no guarantee for availability and proper functioning as well as the protection of any data entered.

Created an maintained by Rainer Glaschick, Paderborn, Germany.